Child Behavior Information For Our Patients in Jackson, MS

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Some findings in newborns that concern parents are not signs of illness. Most of the following harmless reflexes are due to an immature nervous system and will disappear in 2 or 3 months.

• Chin trembling
• Lower lip quivering
• Hiccups
• Irregular breathing (This is normal if your baby is content, the rate is less than 60 breaths per minute, any pauses are less than 6 seconds long, and your baby does not turn blue. Occasionally infants take rapid, progressively deeper, stepwise breaths to completely expand their lungs.)
• Passing gas (not a temporary behavior)
• Sleep noise from breathing and moving
• Sneezing
• Spitting up or belching
• Brief stiffening of the body after a noise or movement (also called the startle reflex, the Moro reflex, or the embrace reflex)
• Straining with bowel movements
• Throat clearing (or gurgling sounds of secretions in the throat)
• Trembling or jitteriness of arms and legs during crying (Jittery babies are common. Convulsions are rare. During convulsions babies also jerk, blink their eyes, rhythmically suck with their mouth, or do not cry. If your baby is trembling and not crying, give her something to suck on. If the trembling does not stop when your baby is sucking, call your physician's office immediately.)
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